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Filichev Alexander


Thank you

for the attention to these paintings.

Their publication will probably supplement the rank of abstract painting that has  firmly established itself  as a separate direction in the fine arts.


Alexander Filichev. Russia. Artist-abstractionist. Painting since 1990. Since 1994 – personal exhibitions in Russia, Finland, Germany. Since 2003 – a co-founder of the Center of Creative Education in Vologda, Russia.


Creative Development:

I started with water colors. First brush strokes seemed magical. When I tried the oils, it even increased my wish to create a new world. The final aim was to get the feeling that the picture is breathing and sparkling. And gets the life of its own.

In abstract art I found something that makes the air around pictures speak and it became for me the paradox means of expression. To my opinion, abstraction doesn`t deny realism but, on the contrary, feeds it. Adds freshness, freedom and weightlessness to colors and images. Abstraction (like architecture) is visible music.

Gradually I was getting more and more interested in painting with hands rather than brushes. In order to get a direct ethereal contact with the picture through the fingers. And as a result to feel the painting expanding the space and filling it with ozone!



Through water, air and bright paints ...

Some images don`t have any forms at all. For example, one of the paintings is of dark-violet-pink color. But the thoughts with which I was “stroking” that canvas helped to create the same feeling as that one can get from some icons – silence and a tremulant half-smile.

In the early 90-s I wrote an abstract essay “Much higher than the velocity of shadow”. Each page has its rhythm and sound. .. Each page is a painting. Rush changing of images and scenes creates movement, flight in different directions. The book is full of beautiful images that I have been painting. Some phrases from the book give names to what is already created: “Blood-Sea-Sky-Circulation”, “Through Water, Air and Bright Colors”, “The Balance of Morning Stars and Blossomed Trees”.



Improvisation on rose-blue

The very names of paintings is energy that you get filled with while looking at the created image. And then the picture asks: “What have you understood in me?” It`s not an outer appearance, it`s resonance with qualities that are reflected in names… “Against the Current”, “Thin Fingers of Absurdity”, “Elixir for the Heart”, “Tender Touches”.

In my abstract art there is a connection of plants`  harmonic forms and geometrical figures that creates a direct feeling of images. “To make invisible visible” directly.

It is always nice to share the feelings with somebody who approaches life without rules and conditions. There is only one rule – penetrating radiation of ourselves – cool shadows of life.

I am giving my flowering abstract art over to your unique perception. And wish you fresh and truly abstract love.


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